About BookDoggy

BookDoggy’s mandate is to connect readers and authors. Many of our authors are new and rising stars. You may not be familiar with their names. Some of their books may not have a lot of reviews. But many of them go on to become bestsellers and sell thousands of books. Feel free to contact the authors and let them know what you like (or dislike) about their book covers or books. You’ll find them to be receptive and thankful for your input

Wish Number One

BookDoggy is committed to seeking out and providing our readers with the best deals in popular eBooks. We offer free and discounted books plus a selection of new releases. All books are posted on our website and delivered directly to your email inbox.

Wish Number two

We’re not just about deals on books. We want to provide a way for readers to connect and engage with authors. The contact information for each of our featured authors is always listed on our pages. Our authors truly want to hear from you!

Wish Number three

BookDoggy loves giving away prizes so we offer a weekly draw. Our prizes vary but usually, we’re giving away Amazon gift cards so that you can go eBook shopping. Enter once a week for a chance to win.

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