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November Kindle Paperwhite Winner
Megan G. (from Texas)

November Kindle Paperwhite Winner
Mas (from Indonesia)

October Tablet Winner
W. (from California)

September Tablet Winner
Olesya T. (from Florida)

August Paperwhite Ereader Winner
Sharon R. (from Alabama)

August Paperwhite Ereader Winner
Stephanie L. (from Ontario, Canada)

July Tablet Winner
Claire L. (from Manitoba, Canada)

June Tablet Winner
James G. (from New York)

June Paperwhite Ereader Winner
Cathy D. (from North Carolina)

June Paperwhite Ereader Winner
Ashley B. (from West Virginia)

May Samsung Tab Winner
Matt F. (from Florida)

April Paperwhite Winner
Dianna A. (from Tennessee)

April Paperwhite Winner
Sandy F. (from Michigan)

March Samsung Tab Winner
Annie R. (from Connecticut)

March Paperwhite Winner
Jillian U. (from California)

March Paperwhite Winner
Cynthia M. (from Canada)

February Tablet Winner
Tobi D. (from Oklahoma)

February Tablet Winner
Joanne M. (from NY)

February Paperwhite eReader Winner
Jesus A. (from Spain)

February Paperwhite eReader Winner
Sanket (from India)

January Tablet Winner
Linda E. (from Alberta)

Holiday Bonus Tablet Winner
Edward G. (from Michigan)

Holiday Bonus Tablet Winner
Pam R. (from Ontario, Canada)

Holiday Bonus Tablet Winner
Linda P. (from Victoria, Canada)

Holiday Bonus Tablet Winner
Amanda M. (from Virginia)

Nov. Tablet Winner
Star H. (from Florida)

Oct. Tablet Winner
Renee S. (from Oregon)

Oct. eReader Winner
Brenda W. (from Indiana)

Sept. Tablet Winner
Kate S. (from Pennsylvania)

BONUS Aug. Tablet Winner
Chris M. (from South Carolina)

BONUS Aug. Tablet Winner
Sandor R. (from Hungary)

BONUS Aug. Tablet Winner
Ladonna W. (from Georgia)

BONUS July Tablet Winner
Millo K. (from New Delhi, India)

BONUS July Tablet Winner
Sol N. (from Wisconsin)

July Tablet Winner
Stephanie F. (from Nebraska)

June eReader Winner
Keith K. (from Kansas)

May Tablet Winner
Arlene S. (from Ontario, Canada)

April Tablet Winner
Kathleen M. (from California)

March eReader Winner
G.G. (from Michigan)

February Tablet Winner
Megan A. (from Kentucky)

January eReader Winner
Steve P. (from Ohio)

January Fire Tablet Winner
Robert G. (from New York)

December Fire Tablet Winner
Debbie D. (from West Virginia)

November Paperwhite eReader Winner
Michelle H. (from Maryland)

October Fire Tablet Winner
Michelle K. (from Manitoba, Canada)

October Paperwhite eReader Winner
Cath N. (from Illinois)

September Tablet Winner
Lynne G. (from Vermont)

August Paperwhite eReader Winner
Denise S. (from North Carolina)

July Echo Dot Winner
Sandy W. (from Oregon)

June Paperwhite eReader Winner
Laura R. (from Illinois)

May Echo Dot Winners
Sandra S. (from Florida)
David F. (from Spain)

April Tablet Winner
Vaunda B. (from Pennsylvania)

March Paperwhite eReader Winner
Arnfried (from Germany)

March Amazon Echo Winner
Lorena K.

February Paperwhite eReader Winner
Karen M.

January Kindle eReader Winner
Isha C.

December Kindle Paperwhite Winner
Jan H.

November Kindle eReader Winner
Tracey G.

October Kindle Paperwhite Winner
Robert D.

September Print Book Winners
Mya M.
Kathy D.
Mikhail R.

September Kindle eReader Winner
Tim J.

August Kindle Paperwhite Winner
Don W.

July Autographed Print Book Winners
Jenny H, Mikhail R, Mya M, Donna H, Erin

July Prize Winner
Winner of a Kindle eReader
Crystal B

June Prize Winner
Winner of a Kindle Paperwhite eReader
Tina C

May Prize Winner
Winner of a Kindle eReader
Jennifer W

May Autographed Print Book Winners
Diane W, Kelly W, Brenda H

April Grand Prize Winner
Winner of a Paperwhite eReader
DeQuita M.

March Winners of Signed Print Books
Danielle, Mikhail, Jenny

March Grand Prize Winner
Winner of a Kindle eReader
Kim K.

February Grand Prize Winner
Winner of a Kindle Paperwhite eReader
Bill C.

January Autographed Print Book Winners
Erin, Hanna, Justice, Black, and Deanna

January Grand Prize Draw
Winner of a Kindle eReader
Jerri C.

December Grand Prize Draw
Winner of a Fire Tablet
Mikhail R.

November Grand Prize Draw
Winner of a Paperwhite eReader
Kathryn D.

October Grand Prize Draw
Winner of a Fire Tablet
Ciarra P.

September Grand Prize Draw
Winner of a Kindle Fire eReader
Tanisha L.

August Grand Prize Draw
Winner of an eReader
Sparrow C.

July Bonus Grand Prize Draw
Winner of an Fire HD Tablet
Kate M.H.

July Grand Prize Draw
Winner of an Amazon Echo
Pam W.

Bonus Gift Certificate Winners
PA, Candy L, Fannie W, Stephanie L, Alyson W

June Grand Prize Draw
Winner of a Kindle eReader
Marjie S.

May Grand Prize Draw
Winner of a Fire HD Tablet
Wilson K.

April Grand Prize Draw
Winner of an Amazon Echo
Marc R.

March Grand Prize Draw
Winner of Kindle Fire eReader
Lori L. Z.

February Bonus Prize Draw
Winner of Kindle Fire eReader
Kirill B.

February Grand Prize Draw
Winner of $100 Gift Card
Latifa M.

February Bonus Draw
Winners of $20 Gift Cards
Patricia S. and Candace N.

January Grand Prize Draw
Winner of a Kindle Fire eReader
Terry A.

December Grand Prize Draw
Winner of an Amazon Echo
Robert P.

December Bonus Draw #1
Winner of $50 Amazon Gift Card
Estella W.

November Free Draw
Winners of Paperwhite eReaders
Felicia R. and Kayla M.

October Free Draw
Winner of Fire Tablet
Ken T.
Winner of $50 Amazon Gift Card
Name withheld by request
Winner of $50 Amazon Gift Card
Christopher M.

September Free Draw
Winner of Kindle Fire eReader
Syene G.

August Free Draw
Winner of $100 Amazon Gift Card
Cindy B.

July Free Draw
Winners of $20 Amazon Gift Cards
Terry B.
Jackie B.
Winners of $20 Amazon Gift Cards
Gheorge R.
Barbara R.

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