Back From Chaos: Book One of Earth’s Pendulum: Back From Chaos

Battle and bloodshed have upset the Balance, crippling the goddess Earth’s power to prevent further chaos. Unless it is restored more disasters will ensue: famines, plagues, more unrest and war.
Four chosen: Lord Gaelen of Bargia, Klast, his loyal spy and assassin, Lady Marja of Catania and her maid Brensa. Each is unaware of the roles they must play in restoring that Balance.
Most important of these is Klast. It is he who must rescue the kidnapped maid, he who must unmask and bring to justice the traitor who threatens all their lives. It is also he who must deal with the scars from his tormented and abused past before he can accept the final part he must play in Earth’s recovery. But he is a most reluctant and unlikely hero and time is short.

Bloodshed cripples the godess’s power. Four chosen must restore it. Klast, assassin and spy, unlikeliest of heroes, damaged by his tormented past, must recue a maid and bring a traitor to justice, unaware of the role he is destined to play and why his connection to her is essential. Time is short.


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