A History of the United States for Newcomers: Expand Your Knowledge, Boost Your Confidence, and Thrive in the USA

Dive into a concise yet comprehensive history of the United States in one volume, covering major events, influential documents, and key figures from George Washington to Donald Trump. Understand the nation’s wars, cultural nuances,...

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A Brief History of Ancient Greece: Traveling the Hellenistic World: An Odyssey Through Political Dynasties and Cultural Mosaics

Embark on a journey through Ancient Greece, the cradle of democracy, theatre, and the Olympics. This concise guide explores its history, culture, and lasting impact on Western civilization. Discover Greece’s Golden Age, influential leaders,...

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How to Be a History Geek : 500 Addictive History Trivia and Fun Facts for Smart Kids and Curious Adults

Addictive History Trivia & Fun Fact book that is perfect for both kids and adults! All your favorite history topics including Ancient Civilizations, Middle Ages, World Wars, USA History, Famous Revolutionaries, Inventors & much...

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