heal your relationship with money: Understand your “why,” let go of past financial dysfunction, and make peace with your money in just 28 days

Everyone has a money story—beliefs about spending, saving, and the essence of money that shape our financial behaviors. “Heal Your Relationship with Money” offers a 28-day journey to explore and transform your financial beliefs,...

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The Joyful Flow Formula: Quickly Access Brain States for Peak Performance and Eliminate Needless Work Stress

Dive into the secret of entering Creative Flow within minutes with “The Joyful Flow Formula.” This book reveals how prioritizing joy not only enhances creativity but also boosts productivity. Discover how to achieve peak...

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Chair Exercises for Seniors: Simple and Safe Exercises to Improve Strength, Mobility and Balance, to Maintain Independence, Live healthier and Pain-Free (+ Chair Yoga and Chair Pilates Routines)

Discover rejuvenating chair exercises designed for seniors to enhance strength, mobility, and balance. This guide includes tailored workouts, Chair Yoga, Pilates, and a 28-Day Program for a healthier, independent life. Perfect for improving fitness...

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