Child of Winter: A Coming of Age Middle Grade Fantasy Novel (The Aurora Chronicles Book 1)

Arktika a frozen world of magic and whimsy is in peril of being destroyed by the warmth. The frozen winter wonderland setting of “The Golden Compass” meets the magic and furry creatures of “The Chronicles of Narnia.”
Follow Láilá into a vast new world full of fantasy and imagination a place called Aurora. She embarks on an epic adventure to find answers to all the hidden questions surrounding who she is and how she came to be. She is an innocent and selfless in her pursuit for answers and the truth behind her mysterious white hair.
Child of Winter is the first book of five in the Aurora Chronicles a coming of age fantasy following a twelve-year-old girl into a journey of self-discovery. Though what she learns about herself and where she came from might not have been for the best.
The fantasy world is in peril of being destroyed. The warmth is quickly approaching.
Can one small girl stop the warmth and restore Aurora to being the winter wonderland it once was?
All hope rests on her small shoulders.
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