Dance with the Butcher

They were tasked with stopping him. He was determined to stay one step ahead. Let the dance begin. But who will lead… and who will follow? In New York City, the five boroughs are a melting pot of millions of riveting stories. The strangers crossing paths on the bustling streets of Manhattan all have a story—which could be uplifting, heartbreaking, tragic—or all the above. Across the bridge into Queens, a different cross-section of New Yorkers lives a relative life of normalcy, family and generational tradition. The 108th Precinct is where the NYPD had set up an outpost—to maintain order in this more tranquil sister borough to that more famous one just across the Queensboro Bridge. Lieutenant Sydney Berry, two years from his pension, had lived a relatively tranquil life himself. Head of the 108th homicide division, he, of course, had a court-side seat to the ugly side of big city life. But, nothing he had experienced in his eighteen-year career, had prepared he or his fellow detectives for the horror that lay ahead.

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