Dust in My Pack: Ignite Your Adventurous Soul with Travelling Tales from Around Our World

Have your travel plans become stagnant? Are you craving a twist to your travel route, a new trail to tread, but lack the time to wade through traditional guidebooks? Or perhaps you are searching for an escape that momentarily transports you to distant lands. Dust in My Pack distils twenty years of travelling around our planet to share the author’s unique journey—and you may be surprised where it takes you.
Dust in My Pack is a new kind of travel book. It brings far-flung destinations to life while providing practical guidance to help readers create their own personalized adventures. Tales range from adrenalin-inducing exploits to awe-inspiring sites.
The author, an independent traveller with a particular focus on remote, lesser-visited destinations, has pulled stories from her travels across sixty-three countries over twenty years to share her most poignant experiences. Relive a chaotic ferry ride across Lake Malawi that stretched from twenty-four hours into sixty. Struggle with leeches and bees along mucky trails in Laos’ northern jungle during the rainy season. Encounter three enigmatic Mayan cities, and learn the stories that continue to seep through their timeless ruins. Nancy O’Hare brings these and many more tales to life.
Topics are conveniently grouped across a wide range of travel themes, including boat trips, multi-day treks, day hikes, temples and forts, ancient cities, getaway adventures, serene scenes, animal encounters and unforgettable accommodations. Within each topic, stories are further grouped by country.

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