The Emperor’s Martyr: Loreticus Intrigues Book 4: It all began with the murder of an assassin

Who would pick a fight with an assassins’ guild?
The granddaughter of the Queen of Assassins is ambushed on a mission for the spymaster Loreticus, and guess who’s the prime suspect? Once again, our favorite spymaster is battling against unknown opponents, unseen agitators, and unexpected threats. Can he and his wheezing agent Selban save their necks, or are they going to suffer the revenge of the Eduan killers?
The Emperor’s Plaything
Stretched between a fearsome triangle of the Emperor, the zealot General Claisan, and the Queen of Assassins, the spymaster must decide whether to sacrifice of his honour to save his own life, or whether to stand by an innocent victim to face the onslaught.
The Final Chapter in Volume One of The Intrigues
In the world of Loreticus and the Empire, J.B. Lucas has created an enthralling, captivating world closely based on the late Roman Empire. The characters charm with ease and the dialogue will make you laugh out loud, creating the perfect set of short stories to binge on.

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