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We offer value! Cost to promote a free eBook is $21 (includes Kindle Vella and group giveaways). Cost to promote a discounted eBook is $24. We offer 20% off Promo Codes on orders of 5 or more. Contact [email protected] for discount details.

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    Authors, Do You Require a Professional Cover Designer?


    Jun Ares

    Professional Cover Designer


    We have personally utilized Jun's services for over ten (gulp) years now. This artistic genius will take your ideas and magically turn them into professional, saleable book covers.
    Check out his portfolio here (you'll recognize many of the authors who he's helped.
    And, remember to ask for the BookDoggy Discount!




    Do you have a service you'd like BookDoggy to feature? We promote publishers, editors, formatters, cover designers, and other professionals who help authors.
    To be featured on this page, in our newsletter, and on our social media pages contact [email protected]
    We'll help you reach hundreds of authors.


    Authors, Do You Require a Professional Cover Designer?

    Jun Ares


    We have personally utilized Jun's services for over ten (gulp) years now. This artistic genius will take your ideas
    and magically turn them into professional, saleable book covers.
    Check out his portfolio here (you'll recognize many of the authors who he's helped.
    And, remember to ask for the BookDoggy Discount!


    Do you have a service you'd like BookDoggy to feature? We promote publishers, editors, formatters, cover designers,
    and other professionals who help authors.

    To be featured on this page, in our newsletter, and on our social media pages contact [email protected]
    We'll help you reach hundreds of authors.

    Author News

    (June 2024)
    The Mobile Version of BookDoggy is now Super Fast!
    We managed to debug BookDoggy's mobile version and it now loads incredibly quickly. Whether you're browsing books or submitting a promotion, it's now much more effective than the previous version.
    (May 2024) Updated June 4/24
    Big, Big News - We'll Link Directly To Your Author Website!
    If you're submitting a free book to us, we can now send our readers directly to your website to grab the book. This option can be used in addition to sending readers to vendor (Amazon etc.) sites as well as giveaway (BookFunnel etc.) sites. Just enter the link to the giveaway page of your author site in the submission form.
    Update: We'll link to free or discounted books listed on your author site. You suggested, we listened, and we made the change!
    (May 2024)
    We added Chirp (and Spotify)!
    We conducted an experiment recently. We promoted a free audiobook (no eBook, audiobook only). We linked to Chirp and Audible. The traffic was strong, and our subscribers downloaded the audiobook. So we made some changes. Now when you submit, you can include your Audible and Chirp audiobook links.
    We can include these links in addition to your eBook promotion, or we can promote your audiobook only. Just fill in the appropriate fields in the submission form.
    Edited to Add: Due to your super helpful input, we've also added Spotify. Now, you can include your Spotify link when submitting your audiobook. Thank you!
    (April 2024)

    BookDoggy Advertises Publishing Services!
    Due to ongoing requests, we recently began advertising editors, cover designers, and other publishing professionals. If you have a service that helps authors, we can help you get your message out. We promote your logo, blurb, and a link to your site in our newsletter, social media pages, and the For Authors page at (this page). Contact [email protected] for more information.
    (March 2024)
    Save 20% with the 72 Hour Submission Rule!
    If you have 5 or more books that you'd like us to promote, we'd like to offer you 20% off the regular price. Simply submit your 5 or more promotions to us within a 72 hour period and in the Comments section tell us 1 of 1, 1 of 2, etc. and we'll send you one invoice with the 20% savings applied.
    You can submit for any date - the promotion dates do not have to be within the 72 hour period. Let [email protected] know if you have any questions.
    (January 2024)
    You Guys Sent Us Some Nice Messages
    We often receive very nice comments from publishers as well as individual authors. We've been somewhat lax in updating our testimonials, but we resolve to stay more current on this task in the new year. You can see some of the comments by scrolling down this page.
    Thank you for your kind words - we aim to raise the bar even higher in 2024!
    (December 2023)
    Authors, We Increased Our Ad Spend
    Once again, we’ve significantly increased the amount of advertising dollars we’re spending on Facebook and Instagram. We’re committed to this increase through the end of January.
    What does this mean to you (and your books)?
    More readers are going to see and have access to our newsletter. More readers are going to see the video we create for Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube that includes your book cover. And, more readers will see your advertised book post at
    Bring on 2024, we're ready!
     (December 2023)
    Authors, You're Helping Feed Families Over Christmas
    Once again, we're taking a portion of the fees you pay us this month and donating to a worthy cause. This year, we made a donation to These folks not only supply hampers to families in need, but they also provide groceries during the holiday season. Click on their link if you'd like to know more, and thank you for helping us help others. We appreciate you!
    (November 2023)
    We create a video for Instagram showcasing our featured books every day. We now post this video as a Facebook reel and showcase it on our YouTube channel. This can result in several hundred additional readers seeing your book cover with every promotion.
    As always, we'll continue seeking out new ways to introduce readers to your work!

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    Author Comments

    The last ad we ran was very successful… book got to top 30 in Kindle Store, and #4 in its category. Thank you!

    Mona Ingram

    BookDoggy was the best book promotion discovery we made in the past eighteen months. They are reliable, helpful and deliver great, consistent results. In terms of value of downloads per dollar we would place BookDoggy in the top three of the forty book promoters we have promoted with in the past five years.

    Daniela Jones
    Goylake Publishing

    I'd like to thank you for a job well done. I got a ton of downloads. I will be coming back to you with my second book in the series when I do my .99-cent promo. Keep up the fine work. It turned out to be a great deal.

    Steven Banner

    I knew I could come to BookDoggy when it was time to promote my giveaway, and on the day of the promotion, I scored hundreds of sign ups. The cost factor alone makes it a no-brainer. The ROI beats a traditional pay per click model any day, and I’ll absolutely be coming back to BookDoggy the next time I run another giveaway.

    PA Mason

    Thanks again for squeezing my book in to yesterday's email. It hit #1 in two categories, which has never happened before, and I couldn't have done that without your help! I really appreciate it and hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

    Savannah J. Goins

    Absolute 'go to' for all promotions for me and I do like your Instagram adverts, as weird as that sounds. Putting a face with the name "Book Doggy" helps although I trust you.
    Always a pleasure and happy to do business with y'all! There absolutely is so much junk out there that bring wish-washy or no results. You've never let me down and I appreciate your service oh so much!

    T.M. Spears

    We have been using BookDoggy for over two years now and I’ve had nothing but the best customer service (even when I screw up, gasp!) Plus a increase in sales thanks to them whether it’s a free book or discounted. We have no plans on going anywhere. I would highly recommend to any author in any genre to booking a ad here.

    Lavish Publishing, LLC

    I want to thank you so much for your service. I didn’t know what kind of numbers to expect, really this whole year is about experimenting when it comes to marketing. My unit sales for Saturday exceeded my expectations: at least double, and I haven’t even seen the numbers from Kobo yet!
    Thank you for your help in fixing our Amazon issue as well. I truly appreciate this experience with BookDoggy.

    Mary Lavoie

    The ebook y’all promoted for me (Gang Way) reached Amazon’s FREE bestseller’s list at #18 in one category, and the top 100 in another. Got at least 600 downloads in a single day, more downloads the next, plus brought attention to and downloads of my other ebooks. Bless y’all! I’ll be purchasing your promotions again and again. This site is just amazing for new authors and established ones alike. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart. It felt so wonderful seeing that ebook on the bestseller’s list. WOW.
    Thank you for helping to get my book on the top 100 Free bestseller’s list on Amazon!!!!!


    I love how you listed the Bonus Free Book–it’s perfect! I’m already getting new subscribers and am #4 in my category of Kindle Free right now. I’m very happy with the BookDoggy program! It’s a very good investment.

    Janet Wellington

    I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your website. Besides having great customer service in answering my questions, your author’s service is one of the best out there. No just only with regards to costs per click, but the effective cost per download. Although you cannot compete volume-wise with some of your competitors, you offer more bang for the buck. I have used you several times for my three books and have another promotion coming up next month with you. Most of your competitors are a waste of money.

    ET McNamara

    My promotion with Bookdoggy ended yesterday and I like to thank you and your team for the great effort. Without going into detail, let me just say your campaign on my behalf was better than a dozen others I’ve run over the last month. That is on a cost/sales basis. I’ve had better sell throughs, but not on such a value for money basis.

    Rob James

    Thanks for the exposure. My book did really well on your downloads – 362 on Saturday June 26. Can’t ask for better than that on a summer weekend!

    Carol Lowbeer

    I have been tracking all my stacked ads I’m doing and by far I get the best bang for my buck with you guys. Thanks so much.

    Kathy Coatney

    “I’m very happy with the results from Book Doggy. The first day of my free run for Yucatan Dead put the book at #54 free in the Kindle store. Book Doggy delivered!”

    Dv Berkom, USA Today Bestselling Author

    From the time my promotion with Book Doggy went live, my pre-order went from ten to over a hundred! Even after the one day promo is up, the book is still getting a lot of traffic! My book earned it’s orange flag as #1 Amazon Bestseller on it’s category! I’m so ecstatic ! Very affordable promotion. Great results. Highly recommended.”

    Ysa Arcangel, Multi-Published Author

    You build your brand name quite nicely, let me tell you, your service is very popular within our author community.
    Keep up the good work.

    Sylvia Rae

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