Great Hunting Adventures: Volume II

New Release

Just as the title, Great Hunting Adventures implies, the following accounts are my recollections – anecdotes and incidents – that came to pass during my many & varied hunting and fishing trips in magnificent British Columbia.

My intense love of our great outdoors is nothing to be ashamed of, I’m sure. These stories take us back in time to some of my first hunting and fishing experiences. All of these experiences have matured me into a more understanding person, and indeed a concerned and active conservationist. I was usually fortunate to have had the company of wonderful hunting partners and together we enjoyed many enjoyable hours afield.

Above all, this book will relate my personal experiences, but I will also try to explore and expose my human relationships, as I have experienced them during hunting trips in the great Pacific Northwest province of British Columbia.

While you will probably find some stories somewhat unorthodox in both style and content… in others you will perhaps find me guilty of being too sentimental about hunting; and the amazing wildlife in our great province.

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