If You Go Down To The Woods Today

New Release

A couple survive a horrific bear attack in Algonquin, but are forced to witness their best friends being mauled to death by the deadly predator. It has now turned on them and they are in the race of their lives.
A First Nations girl on a spirit quest seeks answers for the savage death of her brother and his hunting party, in the Iroquois hunting grounds of Algonquin.
A Family’s backcountry adventure becomes a struggle for survival when they are stalked by the rogue bear. It corners them and lays siege to their cabin.
In faraway Moscow, a Russian businessman wagers that his daughter will track down and kill the monster bear with a single kill shot, within forty-eight hours…and bring home its skin and head as trophies.
Her guide has just become another victim and time is running out. Can she survive?
Can she make the kill shot?

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