Let Me Fall

What was your Senior Superlative?
Most likely to succeed,
Most likely to win an Olympic gold,
Most likely to snag a billionaire?
Me? If the administration at Westerly High would have allowed the student body full creative control, I would have been voted:
Most likely to turn tricks for a living,
Most likely to screw you over,
Most likely to–hopefully–die a slow and painful death.
In the weeks leading up to graduation, I was the single-most hated member of my senior class. I was the girl who’d driven the school’s golden boy to his demise. I was the girl who’d done something sordid and shameful. Exposed in a cruel and very public way, I was the girl who got what she deserved.
I’m Carolyn. This is my story, and believe it or not, there’s a happy ending–even for someone like me.
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