Novak: A Standalone Romantic Comedy Novel

After a string of disastrous dates, Mary concludes that Solvang, California, is full of freaks and nutjobs. So she heeds her friend’s advice and signs up to a dating site. One dreamy man of mystery catches her eye: a hotshot special agent named Tristan Drimov.
Meanwhile, Novak, a shepherd in Slovenia, loses everything in a string of disastrous events. Searching for a sliver of hope, Novak signs up to a dating site. He meets Mary and they instantly hit it off. Finally, their luck is changing … for the worse. Unbeknownst to them, privacy has been compromised and they’re about to be pitted against the scheming adult film producer Mary was once married to, as well as a desperate actor who looks just like Tristan Drimov.

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