Regency Fire: The Historical Regency Romance Complete Series (Books 1-5)

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In the Summer of 1797, a young woman is found hanging from a great beam in the library of Calgarth Hall. Seemingly betrayed by the only man she has ever loved, Verity Farrington took her own life on the very day he was set to marry another.
It was a tragic event which was to blight the lives of all within the great Duchies of Calgarth and Horndean. It would turn two of the closest friends into the bitterest of all imaginable enemies and blight the lives of their families for three decades to come.
Nearly thirty years later, the new Duke of Calgarth, Gabriel Farrington, seeks to lead his younger brothers into battle. The old Duke is dead and he has charged his oldest son with the heaviest of duties; the bitter feud between the two great households must persist at any cost. With his own mother so desperate to see the end of the pain and hatred, Gabriel Farrington remains steadfast.
In the Duchy of Horndean, the Old Duke clings to life, presiding over the family he has raised in bitterness. With his scheming wife and daughter his most powerful assets, the Duke sees out the last of his days. But will his own guilt finally catch up with him? And will the truth finally be revealed, smashing the foundations of lies upon which the feud was built?
In amongst the hate, anger, and retribution, will the younger generation of Farringtons and Cunninghams ever find the peace and love they all secretly crave?

Five stories concerning two feuding families involved in a bitter feud for thirty-five years! The story is set in the wild, windswept north of England.


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