Comments From Our Featured Authors

“We have been using BookDoggy for over two years now and I’ve had nothing but the best customer service (even when I screw up, gasp!) Plus a increase in sales thanks to them whether it’s a free book or discounted. We have no plans on going anywhere. I would highly recommend to any author in any genre to booking a ad here.” 
Lavish Publishing, LLC

“There were 544 downloads over the three days, up from an average of 15-16 downloads per day, or 30 downloads over the two days. This works out at 3.3cents per copy downloaded on the $18 ad spend. The book also made #1 in its UK Amazon store category and #3 in the US (at least when I was able to check). I also received two new reviews on Amazon, one on the US (a 4 Star) and one on the UK store (a 5 star review).  So overall, I’m very pleased with the response to the add.”
Dan Soule, Published Author.

“My Bublish numbers went up for book sellers immediately after your October 31st post. In the words of The Terminator, ‘I’ll be back.'”
Renee Ebert, Published Author.

“Working with BookDoggy was a fabulous and easy experience! Daniel even managed to make a last minute change to my promo after Kindle delayed my price promotion date. The day my promotion ran, I hit the #3 spot on the Amazon bestseller lists in the US and Canada! BookDoggy came highly recommended and I will definitely be booking with them again.” 
Priya Khajuria, Bestselling, Award-Winning author

“For the price of a fancy coffee, my book rose to #1 in two categories on Amazon and got more downloads than all my other promos combined, in only one day! I wish I could keep BookDoggy to myself. Absolutely the best value I’ve seen anywhere.” 
J.S. Menefee, Ghostwriter & Author

“Booking with Bookdoggy was easy and stress free and my queries were answered promptly. I got over 200 new subs and would definitely use your site again. It’s great to have a site where Indie publishing and all its associated hard work and angst is understood!”  
Miranda Jameson, Multi-Published Author

 “BookDoggy has, by far, given me the best cohort of new readers of any other channel, the open rate of those new readers was over 60%, and I’m sure that many went on to buy my other book. In terms of simple ROI, BookDoggy is a no-brainer for new authors. For those authors who like to be in contact with their readers, I had several write to me asking about the background of my books, my inspiration, and asking for where they could find others. BookDoggy rocks.”
JB Lucas, author of Loreticus

“From the time my promotion with Book Doggy went live, my pre-order went from ten to over a hundred! Even after the one day promo is up, the book is still getting a lot of traffic! My book earned it’s orange flag as #1 Amazon Bestseller on it’s category! I’m so ecstatic ! Very affordable promotion. Great results. Highly recommended.”
Ysa Arcangel, Multi-Published Author

“Finally a site that brings books, authors and readers together. One ad has gained me over 700 subscribers and is still gaining, not just subscribers but readers that want to read my book. Quality and quantity, a winning combination! Thank you for developing a site both readers and authors can enjoy!”
Ann Jones, Published Author

“I ran a free promotion with BookDoggy after hearing about their services from fellow indie authors. The service was exceptional with a fast turn around and even better results. I was very pleased with the number of downloads I received. I highly recommend.”
Shandi Boyes, Multi-Published Author

“I’ve promoted through Book Doggy on several occasions, one for a multi-author anthology and again for my individual books. Book Doggy proved to be a successful campaign strategy for me. They are easy and very accommodating to work with. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to advance the sales of your books!”
Keta Diablo, Amazon Bestselling Author

“I couldn’t be happier with my experience with Bookdoggy.  I saw excellent traffic in downloads and sales and their site was easy to navigate. Highly recommend them and a great value, as well. Thanks again and will use you more often.”
Lisette Kristensen, Multi-Published Author

“I’m very happy with the results from Book Doggy. The first day of my free run for Yucatan Dead put the book at #54 free in the Kindle store. Book Doggy delivered!” 
Dv Berkom, USA Today Bestselling Author

“Thank you very much for putting “Mowed” in your newsletter.  I racked up about 18 sales and noticed a spike in page reads the next day.  I certainly appreciate your help in getting the word out about my book.“
Grace Risata, Multi-Published Author

“This is the best value I’ve had on a promotion for a long time. I’m off to book another for next week. Thank you for an excellent result.”
Lucinda E Clarke, Award-Winning Writer

“Thanks for your Book Doggy promotion for “Zoysana’s Choice.” I got my biggest bump yet on the day you put it up and the day after. I got increased action on my other books as well. I’ll be back to you for the next book in the series for sure.” 
Gordon A. Long, Multi-Published Author