THE CARD (A Van Stone Novel – An Action Packed Young Adult Thrill Ride Book 1)

Van Stone has it all, the perfect family, great friends and the best job in the world. Then, tragedy strikes. Thrust into a deadly plot masterminded by unknown enemies, Van is in a race against time to save those closest to him.

The Card, a #1 Kindle Bestseller in three categories and an Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Quarterfinalist, will keep you guessing until the final scene.

This faced paced mystery takes you behind-the-scenes in professional baseball. Full of unexpected twists and high stakes drama, The Card weaves a suspenseful ride that blows the lid off scientific advancement, in a story of breathtaking action and suspense.

“I would recommend this book for the young adult reader,” said Leslie Wright, reviewer posting to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, “It is fun and eventful, with suspense and action. Van Stone is a strong character, and has an amazing way of dealing with life. Devitt provides some great ballpark background as he delivers the goods.”

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