The Waening: Days Before the Apocalypse (Over the Precipice Book 1)

Boston, 2037. Tensions between genetically modified and non-modified humans are rising. An alien obelisk crash-lands near a Saskatchewan farm, portending doom. Havoc ensues….
What do you get when you throw AI, anti-aging, and human genetic engineering into a maelstrom, add a pinch of bigotry and fear, then sprinkle-in the threat of an alien invasion? A nail-biting, apocalyptic story with page-turning suspense!
In this first installment of the Over the Precipice series, the world’s social fabric is torn asunder from two decades of political, racial, and climate strife – and a growing hoard of genetically altered “transhumans” further aggravate biases and social divisions. As the drama begins, our Boston-based science podcast crew is desperate to pick up sagging ratings, so they begin to expose alternatives to the imminent alien threat. By interviewing controversial experts, they’re pulled into a caustic vortex of danger as Earth spins toward anarchy. Secret powers lurk behind the scenes, threatening their lives and the fate of humanity.

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