Winter Wonderland: A Lavish Triple Play

This set features three suspense filled stories from three of our authors with a connecting thread – winter holidays gone awry.
In this collection, you will find:
Christmas Candy by Samantha Jacobey
Candice Parker’s life has never been easy. Plagued by losses and setbacks, each day is a struggle for the petite brunette and her young son. When fireman Gary enters her world, he is one mistake she refuses to make; but after tragedy strikes, she may not have a choice.
Last Chance Christmas by L.A. Remenicky
From the outside, Brent Halston and Jordan McKenna had the perfect life: the house, the dog, fulfilling careers, and their love. Until Jordan pushed him out of her life. This Christmas, all he wants is to get her back… will he get his wish?
Stranded on Vail Mountain by Desiree L. Scott
Winter on Vail Mountain won’t be the romantic getaway Joan Clayton had imagined. Her marriage torn apart by secrets and lies, she finds herself in the worst place imaginable – trapped by a blizzard.

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